What Happens During a Loss Control Audit

What Happens During a Loss Control Audit?

Curious about what happens during a loss control audit?  Loss control in relation to construction job site safety is a vital risk management service that reduces the possibility a loss will occur while also reducing the severity of those may occur. A solid loss control program helps policyholders reduce claims, and insurance companies reduce losses through safety and risk management information and services.

Utilizing a company that specializes in job site loss control and safety services is important when deciding on your program.  The loss control experts at SML Capital Advisors have a qualified team with degrees and safety accreditation in training, loss control, construction safety, risk control, risk management and workers compensation including a combined total of 86 total certifications: 30 OSHA Authorized Trainer Certifications, 9 Certified Safety Professionals, 5 Certified Industrial Hygienists and 3 Site Safety Manager Licenses.

Loss Control Audits and Reports

Your loss control audit firm will provide comprehensive job site audits to determine adherence to the site specific safety program and identify gaps in management systems. The main purpose in conducting the field inspections is to evaluate all aspects of construction in conjunction with contractor safe work practices and identify potential loss exposures, hazardous conditions, and regulatory violations. They will assist in creating and implementing corrective actions to prevent future occurrences. They will generate a field survey report based on the observed site conditions, including photographs and recommendations focused on eliminating potential loss exposures and ensuring workforce compliance.

Accident/Near Miss Investigation

Additionally your loss control audit firm will work with all parties involved (Local, State, etc.) and assist in conducting investigations for all accidents, incidents and near misses to gather facts and discover the root cause to provide corrective actions and prevent any future occurrences. They will work to ensure proper claim reporting, management and protocol are being followed throughout the duration of the claim process.

Loss Control Meetings/Orientation

The loss control audit firm will conduct loss control meetings with contractors and clients as needed to review program requirements, special control measures, and other key issues in conjunction with the overall safety management on each project.

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