Experience Modification Rate Review

An experience modification rate (EMR) is a multiplier insurance companies use to help set workers’ compensation premiums. Your business’s rate is determined by looking at your workers’ comp claims history and potential for future injuries. Businesses with lower EMRs pay less for their workers’ compensation insurance.


It has a significant impact on the worker’s compensation insurance premium of a business. You can verify that the EMR, EMOD or XMOD used on your policy is accurate through an Experience Modification Rate Review.


The Experience Modification Rate, is a numeric representation of a business’s claims history and safety record as compared to other businesses in the same industry within the same state.


Your EMR basically states one of three things:

  • Your company is riskier than average (EMR > 1.00—results in a higher premium)
  • Your company is no more or less risky than average (EMR = 1.00—results in no change to premium)
  • Your company is safer than average (EMR < 1.00—results in a lower premium)

Want to know how Experience Modification Rates are calculated? The base premium is calculated by dividing a company’s payroll in a given job classification by 100, and then by a ‘class rate’ determined by agency that promulgates the Experience Modification Factor.


You might be paying too much premium. Since we work on a contingency-fee basis, contact us to get started.

Contractual Reviews
Your Experience Modification Rate Review will include:


  • Independent research and verification of your experience mod factor
  • Verification of the reserves pertaining to loss claim data
  • Verification of reporting of data to the rating authority by the insurance company
  • 10 years of audits to determine the experience modification factors applied by the carriers were correct
  • We target claims involving subrogation where an employee got injured, and third party was responsible, carrier recouped monies but did not report it to rating board. Determine if corrections are warranted
  • Corrections sent to rating board and mod factor is published, carrier is contacted to revise audit. If there is no balance due, insured gets a refund, otherwise credit
  • We charge contingent fee only if results are obtained